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Kem Na Mazda
Ashem Vohu Yatha Ahu Vairyo Kem Na Mazda Ahuramazda Khodae Jasa Me Avanghe Mazda


Kem Na Mazda

Kem na Mazda! mavaite payum dadat,
Hyat ma dregvao didareshata aenanghe,
Anyem thwa ahmat athrascha mananghascha
Yayao shyaothnaish ashem thraoshta, Ahura!
Tam moi dastvam daena yai fravaocha.

Ke verethrem-ha thwa poi sengha yoi henti
Chithra moi dam ahumbish ratum chizhdi.
At hoi vohu Sraosho jantu manangha
Mazda ahmai yahmai vashi kahmaichit.

Pata-no tbishyantat pairi, Mazdaoscha Armaitischa Spentascha,
nase daevi drukhsh, nase daevochithre, nase daevofrakarshte, nase
daevo fradaite, apa druksh nase, apa druksh dvara, apa druksh
vinase, apakhedhre, apanasyehe. Ma merenchainish gaethao astavitish
ashahe. Nemascha ya Armaitish izhacha.

Whom Mazda, have you appointed protector over me when the evil doers threaten me with violence? Who, other than your fire and good thoughts (will protect me) through the working of which truth will thrive? Creator clearly declare to me this sacred teaching of the religion.

Who shall be the conqueror protecting all those that live by our teachings? Reveal clearly to me a wise spiritual teacher for both the worlds and let Sraosha (Obedience / Intuition) come to him with good mind and to whomever you love, Mazda.

Mazda, with the help of your benevolent devotion, protect us all around from enemies. Evil you perish, evil of devil's origin perish. Evil shown by devil perish, evil following devil's path perish, evil you utterly perish, evil you utter vanish, evil you utterly and entirely vanish. You utterly vanish in the North so that you may not be able to destroy the material creation of righteousness. Homage and salutation to benevolent Devotion.

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